What is Phonegap? And what is its advantages

PhoneGap is an open-source cross-platform Mobile Application development framework by Nitobi Software (now Adobe) which allows web developers to build mobile apps using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Phonegap is a widely used technology for cross-platform mobile application development. It is recommended for application programs, which have to be developed efficiently. A code base can be used to create multiple versions of the application.

In the past two years, cross-platform application development has attracted the attention of developers as it is an extremely easy use of various technologies to develop a single mobile application that runs on many mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone and more.

You can build you application while taking the advantage of using this space and you can also build interactive, navigational and content element and application chrome into CSS and HTML based user interface. The web view that is used by PhoneGap is simply the same as the native operating system.

Advantages of PhoneGap

From the perspective of both developers and app owners, PhoneGap offers several advantages over native app development. While the battle of native app development vs. cross platform app development is a never ending one, each field has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages that we will cover later. For now, here is a look at how PhoneGap can help developers and app business owners

1. Single code base can be used to create apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and mobile web.

2. Even if you have developed the app using PhoneGap, the app can be distributed on App store and Google Play.

3. With Phonegap, it is easy to do rapid testing ad deployment of an app

4. You can create hybrid apps to save the development time and efforts.

5. If there is little time to go to market, Phonegap is the technology to be used.

6. There is no need of additional development skills

7. Now it’s possible to tape into the hardware of device such as camera, geo-location, accelerometer and various others 

8. If the app is going to be the extension of your existing enterprise app, hybrid will prove to be best choice.

9. Hybrid is the best technology to launch a minimal viable product to rapidly figure out that how market reacts on certain app

10. Phonegap can be the best technology to support those apps which do not require heavy usage of native features of an OS.