Top 5 web design trends in 2018 | cirkle studio

Cirkle Studio Web Design Team is passionate about understanding and implementing the latest website design trends and techniques. This Obsession continues our creative team to create and develop high-quality websites that include the right techniques and design to prove our maximum success for our customers. We know that your website may be a potential customer first impression with your business, so we have the latest and greatest website for our clients. 

1. Mobile a Priority

In the first half of 2018, Google will introduce its new Mobile First Index, which will be first seen in search results on the mobile version of your website. This means that your website must be mobile-friendly design.

If you are designing any new site or retrofitting any existing site, then it is important for AMP 2018. No potential customer likes a page that loads slowly, and you do not want to push the possibility of one of your (fast) competitors.

2. Bright Color 

Bright color design seems to be trending, which just wants to stick around. It was a large part of the flat design and was just as important for a compact design, and both concepts are still a part of many projects.

Even without the features of the flat or material, bold color is eye-catching and can help the user draw in the design. Bright and bold color choices appeal to fresh and appealing to younger users.

3. Illustrations and animations

It's always impressive when a website uses good illustration and animation. Animations in websites have blossomed thanks to jQuery and CSS3, but until recently, designers have gone overboard in wanting to animate all things. In 2018, I expect animations and interactions will be used with more restraint and intention — meaning they add to the experience without distracting or confusing the user.

4. Dynamic gradients

Gradients are large, loud and full color. The most popular is the gradient filter on recent avatars - a great way to make a less interesting picture interesting. An easy slope background can be a perfect over-trend solution even if you do not have to deal with any other images.

5. Video

Advanced technologies allow for better resolution and reduction of download time. As a result, more in 2017, videos will definitely be used in web design. Video is currently used as a background on websites, thus increasing the time spent on a web page. Due to the video being one of the most powerful tools in visual interaction, the frozen background looks a bit tidy and old-fashioned.