Inauguration of Zara themes, Soonero and Snigre on 26-January-2018

Everyone has desire to be happy, entertaining and earning money in their life. We can help you to achieve your desires. Cirkle Studio is launching new various and unique service and products on 26 January 2018. These products can help you in getting entertainment and earning lump sum money.  If you have read my blog that was uploaded on 03 November 2017, So you already know some of glimpse about our products. But let us tell you again. We have inauguration of 4 Product on 26 January 2018:-

1. Zara Themes
  • Every website’s owners are trying to find new different, Eye catching and more attractive themes and templates for their website, clients or users. So it’s great announcement for website owners. Cirkle Studio launching
  • Zara Themes will Provide Shopify aesthetic Themes and unique CodeIgniter Modules. Zara Themes has elegant, Colorful, Professional, Business and ecommerce etc. in cheap cost with full access. Create Great website with Zara Themes.
2. Soonero
  • In this digital era, People have busy life and they forgot entertainment. they don't know how to get entertainment and how to do fresh mind. So Cirkle Studio launched Soonero Video website. Watch 4000+ videos related Sports Videos, Animal Videos, Funny Commercials, Song Videos, Dance Videos, Popular Videos, Viral Videos, best movies, clips, films and more which you like. Not only get entertainment and do fresh mind, also will get new knowledge and grow your Skills. 
3. Snigre (Project management System)
  • Snigre(Project management system) is developed for the help all companies to manage their various projects. With the help of Sniger, you can proactively manage project plans, tasks, Chat, Meetings and team Conference. Snigre is flexible, powerful and automated adaptive project management platform.  It will allows to ease of project assignment and tracking of various ongoing projects in the organization. The administrator has the overall control of this system and allows it to create and remove projects as needed.
4. Crown slider (Word press Plugin)
  • WordPress is easy and speedy Development, Nowadays plugins are very costly. Many plugin providers provide plugin free with half features. Therefore, you are confusing between what to do?, whether I buy or not. You will be glad to know that we are bringing new plugin for you with free of cost and along with full access and marvelous features. You can use all features manage and use easily set up. 
   Advanced Features of Crown slider:-
  • Threetypes of slider

                1. Standard 
                2. Hero 
                3. Carousel

  • Three types of layout 

                1. Auto
                2. Full Width 
                3. Full Screen

  • Slider parallax & 3D effect
  • In Navigation provide different arrows & bullets styles.
  • Import/Export.
  • Slide Animation.
  • Caption Animation, Caption Google Fonts.