Google will now show you about your 'neighbor', launch the app

After launching mobile payment app fast, food delivery service and the National WiFi Network Initiative in India, Google's Next Billion team has now launched a Q & A app. The name of this app is Neighborly and it is designed to share local knowledge. The main purpose of this app is to answer local people questions related to their local life, routine and much more.

Describing Neighborly, product manager Josh Woodward tell the Techcrunch in the Net Billion Initiative that our life remains in the radius of 1-2 kilometers around the house and always asks questions about knowing about it. There But as cities are growing up we are going to learn about local things. We have presented Neighborly as one of the ways to connect with you. In this you can ask questions, give your opinion and keep yourself safe and updated.

How Neighborly Works

To sign up for this app, you will only need your name. After you sign up, the app will tell you about the things around you using GPS. All questions and answers will be in the form of the swappable card.

Security is kept in full focus

The company has taken full care of the users' safety and has given this facility to the users that if they do not find any content compatible they can flag it. After the flag, the local content moderator will review it and then the action will be taken on it. Apart from this, it has also been given that no one's profile can save the photo or take a screenshot.

Google tested this app for more than 1,000 users over a month in which they found that 35-50 percent of the questions were answered within just 5 minutes. Initially this beta version of this app is available in Mumbai but people living in other places may have to wait for it now.