Google announced: Google provide Hotel Ads - Boost your Direct Booking

Google announced 2 days ago that it is folding Hotel Ads buying into the Google Ads (formerly AdWords) platform with the introduction of a new campaign type. Also a new Hotel Center for Handling hotel price feeds.

The hotel's campaign is going on in Google's marketing efforts, which started in 2010, when the price of the sponsored hotel was listed in Google Maps. Since then, hotel advertisements have expanded into Google search results, which helped to increase the type of advertising.

Now, hotel ads have grown to the point where advertisers are in need of a more effective way to manage them in a separate platform from other Google Ads.

This campaign type will make campaign management and optimization easier. In particular, the benefits include:

  • Smart Bidding powered by machine learning to increase booking on your ROI goal
  • Rich reporting and familiar feedback interfaces available with new redesigned Google ads
  • Organize hotel group hotels with important features such as brand and class
  • Robust bid controls allow markers to optimize unique bidding constraints, such as passengers' length or check-in days and audience bidding.

The new Hotel campaigns, a new option when creating a campaign in the Google Ads interface, are currently in testing with a two partners and Koddi.

Hotel ads will launch as open beta available to advertisers at the end of this year. If you want to stay up-to-date to learn more about Google Advertising Integration and Hotel Center Launch, Beta Test, hotel ads in Google ads or generally hotel ads

If you're a hotel to fill your room or travel travel agent online, we hope that hotel advertisements in Google ads and new hotel centers will make it easier than ever before connecting with Travelers on the scale.